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To Measure Borehole Characterization

When a geothermal or hot spring well is drilled, a production test is conducted after drilling, or a power plant is inspected regularly, it is very important to characterize not only the production and injection capabilities of the well but also the properties (such as pressure, temperature, and permeability) of the strata around the well.

We offer wireline technologies and memory-based PTS logging methods, depending on the particular requirements and various applications.

Moreover, understanding of the direction, distribution of underground fractures and formation stresses is very important in dealing effectively for treating underground fluids (for using geothermal energy, oil, groundwater, etc.) and formation rocks (for civil engineering).

We offer logging services (BHTV and BTV), which generate the image of a borehole wall by scanning with ultrasonic beam or optically, core photographic tools (CORESCAN) and technologies for analyzing the borehole image (BHTV, FMI, and BTV). DHV (made by DHVI) that is able to visually monitor a borehole at high temperatures can be used for a variety of applications, such as casing inspections, scale checks, and borehole workover jobs.

Hydrogeology and Reservoir

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