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Hydrogeology and Reservoir

To Predict and Control Underground Conditions

Estimating how and where underground fluids are flowing now and will flow in the future is an important technology for controlling the underground fluid resources and to preserving the environment.

For this purpose above, we offer a variety of hardware and software that is needed for necessary to instrumentation technologies (pressure and temperature monitoring, tracer-dilution 2-phase flow measurement, and underground tracer test), analyzing technologies (numeric simulation and hydraulic well test analysis), and data management (database).

The general-purpose visualized underground information database “G*BASE”, which we have developed by ourselves, is being used for geothermal energy, the disposal of a high level nuclear wastes, and in the earth sciences.

Regarding 3D underground multi-phase thermal fluid simulator-TOUGH2, (which developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), after conducting a lot of field tests for around 10 and several years, we are now in a position to offer take a total consulting service, action not only for analyzing services but also for introduction into and training in a variety of fields, such as evaluating geothermal reservoirs.

Hydrogeology and Reservoir

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