We, GERD, head a group of experts able to provide solutions for global environmental problems and to survey the development of underground resources.
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In order to provide solutions for global environmental problems, GERD is involved in doing research, development, and consultation related to underground survey and development mainly in the following fields

Green Energy (Geothermal) Underground Resources
Ecology and Living environment Earth Sciences and Disaster Prevention

Green Energy (Geothermal)

Geothermal energy is both domestically available and renewable and, moreover, one that generates little carbon dioxide, one of possible causes of global warming.

Compared with other renewable energy sourcesies, the geothermal energy is superior in providing stable power throughout yearly and daily. In addition to the power generation, it allows the directly use of heat.

We offer consulting services and take on research and development activities for a variety of applications of the geothermal energy applications (power generation, direct use of heat, hot springs, and so on).

Geothermal energy generation
Direct use of heat
Hot springs, etc.

Underground Resources

We offer consulting services and take on research and development activities for the exploitation of various kinds of underground resources in addition to other than the geothermal energy.

We are now providing technologies for the development of a new resource under the sea floor near Japan, - which is methane hydrate.

Existing underground resources
Oil and natural gas
Metallic deposits
Groundwater, etc.
New under-sea floor resources
Methane hydrate
Under-sea floor hydrothermal metal deposits, etc.

Ecology and Living environment

In the present life, technological evolution and land development has led to causes various types a variety of underground pollution and other disasters.

We offer technologies in various fields to address related to these problems.

Underground disposal of a high level nuclear wastes
Geological sequestration of carbon dioxide
Industrial waste assessment
Groundwater contamination assessment
Abandonment of oil and gas wells, etc.
Living environment
Civil engineering
(fault and fracture surveys)
Landslide and rock fall assessments, etc.

Earth Sciences and Disaster Prevention

The Japanese Islands are situated in a place where the Pacific plate slides into the Eurasia plate, which is of great academically interested in.

Moreover, natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanico eruptions, often frighten the life of the Japanese people.

We also offer a variety of technologies in these fields.

Earth sciences
Scientific drilling
Under-sea floor survey, etc.
Disaster prevention
Earthquakes monitoring
Volcanic monitoring, etc.

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