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Last Update: Apr. 14, 2011
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Research and Development

In order to provide solutions for global environmental problems, GERD is involved in doing research, development, and consultation related to underground survey and development mainly in the following fields

Green energy (geothermal)
Underground resources
(oil, natural gas, metal, ground water, methane hydrate, etc.)
Ecology and living environment
(HLW, the geological sequestration of CO2, groundwater contamination, civil engineering, etc.)
Earth sciences and disaster prevention
(sea floor, scientific drilling, earthquakes

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ation technologyHydrogeology and reservoir technologyWell logging technologyUnderground resourcesEcology and living environment Earth sciences and disaster preventionDrilling technologyGreen energy (geothermal)

We offer the following four latest technologies in collaboration with overseas partners who have developed the cutting-edge technologies for underground survey and development.

Exploration technology

Drilling technology

Well logging technology

Hydrogeology and reservoir technology


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